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solve their staffing challenges every day.

Whether you need one person to fill in or you need a full team of people to help hit a deadline, our team ensures you can access skilled, reliable people in as little as two hours.

Our process is designed for efficiency, but it is also accurate and focused on safety. RedCap Staffing offers state-of-the-art safety training that is accessible to our employees and clients on demand from nearly any device, for any situation. We are passionate about ensuring our employees receive the precise training you require so they are prepared to work safely and productively on the job.

We put great people to work for you, quickly. Whether you are trying to close a skill gap, navigate high demand or have a unique challenge, our experts will accurately and efficiently solve your staffing puzzle.



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For short- or long-term requirements, your RedCap Staffing employees are there when you need them. Let us help fill skill gaps, adapt to variable demand, or staff up to meet project deadlines.

Every temporary employee has been thoroughly vetted, tested, and has completed orientation and safety training. We don’t just send you warm bodies. We send you people who want to work and have proven they can get the job done.

Hiring comes with risk. RedCap Staffing helps mitigate that risk through temporary-to-hire solutions. Test an employee in your working environment for a set time. If you decide the employee is a good fit, you may hire them on. Our team will make the transition to your payroll seamless.

We understand that safety must come first in industrial and construction work environments. This is why we provide state-of-the-art safety training that is accessible to our employees on demand from nearly any device, for any situation.

As a client, you also have access to these training programs, and you can work with your RedCap Staffing team to ensure that our employees receive the precise training you require. All of our employees complete safety training, and we can customize training to your specifications, so every employee is prepared to work in your facility the way you want them to.

Alleviate the administrative burden that comes with payroll processing. RedCap Staffing can handle payroll, workers’ comp and other compliance issues for your contingent workforce.

When you need reliable people immediately, RedCap Staffing is there to answer the call. Our offices are available for calls as early as 6:00 a.m., and we can deploy our employees for same-day service.

When you use our dispatch service, you still get access to great people. We don’t think you should have to settle because your needs are immediate or last minute. We always send the right people for the job.

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