Five Careless Ways to Sabotage a Career

#1 Don’t Improve Job Skills

Many employers offer opportunities to grow from within the organization. Free training and skill development programs benefit both the employee and employer equally. These opportunities are often offered for free and can only benefit you in the long run.

Sign up for any and every training opportunity available!

#2 Involve Yourself In Negative Interactions

This should be an easy one. For starters, do not badmouth the company, supervisors, coworkers, or clients. These interactions are always brought into
the light. Even if it seems like you are not getting a fair shake, while others seem to cruise along, always take the high road and work to the best of your ability.

Someone is always watching. Put your best foot forward.

#3 Partake of the Gossip and Rumor Mill

One of the worst ways to negatively affect your employment is to involve yourself in spreading gossip or rumors. Even just listening makes you just as culpable as those loose lips of the office.

Do yourself a favor and politely excuse yourself from these conversations. Better yet, just walk away.

#4 Blame Others

Accountability is huge in any business. We all make mistakes, and it is those who learn from their
mistakes, who accomplish more in a quicker amount of time. Blaming others will inevitably make you look bad, so it is better to avoid that consequence in any case.

Take responsibility for your own actions. The rest will work itself out.

#5 Wear Your Emotions on Your Sleeves

No matter what job you have, emotions can get the best of you. Learn to control what you can and do the best you can with everything else. Learn to control your emotions by learning good organizational and crisis management techniques. Things just turn out better when you learn how to systematically handle the most difficult of situations.

Check your emotions at the door.