TEMP-TO-PERM: The Perfect Job Opportunity

If you haven’t heard of the term, Temp-to-Perm,
you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The term simply
refers to a temporary job opportunity that may
lead to a permanent role. Many companies today
outsource their temporary work to labor
companies like RedCap Staffing, located
throughout New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and
Maine. These types of jobs are not only worth
considering, but they are also worth applying for.

Test-Drive the Job

You would never buy a car without test-driving it
first. It should be no different when looking for the
right job. Consider a temporary job as an
extended interview. Not only are you given
multiple opportunities to put your best foot
forward, but you will also be experiencing every
aspect of the job you may one day, be doing on a

full-time basis. The benefits, however, don’t stop

You Don’t Have to Buy

If you are unhappy at a job and plan to leave it,
you must submit a written resignation letter and at
least a two-week’s notice that you plan to leave
the job. Not so with a temporary gig. If you feel
that the job is just not what you are looking for,
you can simply let your company know that you
want another assignment. The process to
extricate yourself from your current assignment
will be much easier to do.

Temp-to-Perm Means More $$$

If you land that permanent gig, you can count on
an immediate raise in wage. Plus, you will most
likely have access to further benefits. Don’t sell
yourself short, consider short-term employment
and prepare for what may lay ahead!

Omar Tarango is a Social Media Manager and Blogger