I’ve been mulling over for days, about what subject I wanted to share with  our blog readers. The one subject that comes to mind is the subject of Leadership.  Why Leadership? Because, I believe there is something instilled in us all at birth, that  drives our desire to one day lead in some capacity or another. Even the meekest of  people have a suppressed the urge to lead? How do I know that? Read on! 

In grade school, and all throughout middle and high school, I made friends  with others who were considered outcasts. I may not have admitted it then, but I was  an outcast myself. Each individual who I became friends with, was ostracized by  others simply because they appeared different than the typical kid or teenager of the time. Looking back, I don’t even know what that means anymore? All I knew was  that each of my friends had a special talent or ability, or hobby, that made them  experts. I had one friend who could identify the year, make, and model of every car  on the road. He never missed! I had another friend who collected Nintendo video  games and systematically beat every game in his library. These kids weren’t  “nerds”, “geeks”, or “losers”? They were good at the things they loved to do and  the knowledge they fed their brains. They knew things and could do things other  kids our age couldn’t do. But how does this translate to becoming a leader?

The short answer; not only did they possess the ability to learn, hone, and  perfect their skills and knowledge, they were each capable of passing that  knowledge to others. That, in it of itself, is what makes someone a leader.  

We are all endowed with a particular set of talents, and over the years, have  honed those talents to a particular point of expertise. People reach out to us to pick  our brains, or to get our input on something we have a wealth of knowledge about.  When they reach out to us, and we impart that knowledge, guess what trait we are exhibiting?

That’s right, Leadership. 

What good is Leadership if we suppress it and don’t utilize it often in the real  world? Well, the desire to lead stagnates. We become complacent and dissatisfied  with our lives, our jobs, and our personal achievements. Then, we go through life  living the routine and expecting nothing out of the ordinary. While that may  represent a certain level of security for some, for others, it is a wake-up call to aim  for and achieve higher heights.  

Many people have taken their knowledge and skills and propelled them into  new business ideas. Others, have used their knowledge to apply for promotions or  higher paying positions. What do I wish for our readers? That they too, use their  time, treasures, and talents to bring knowledge to the masses. It will, however,  require Leadership. And as scary as it may sound for some, allow me to reassure  you, it becomes less scary because you are good at what you do. You are confident  in what you know. You are needed in places you have yet to seek.  

We’re all waiting on you. Take the lead. 

-Omar Tarango is a Freelance Blogger and Social Media