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5 Great Tips to Get You Through Those Long Hours at Work


5 Great Tips to Get You Through Those Long Hours at Work


  1. Get Plenty of Rest On the surface, this tip seems to be the most obvious, but who are we kidding? Sometimes, we get home from a long day of work and still need to unwind. We do so by watching television, helping with dinner, getting chores done, spending time on the internet, etc. But when do we really rest? Set a time to shut it all down and stick to it. If you are anticipating a long and fruitful tomorrow, recharge those batteries and get a good night’s sleep. Experts suggest at least 7 to 8 hours of snooze time.
  2. Get Up Early – Okay, you’ve set a time to shut it down. Hopefully, you set it strategically enough to wake you up in plenty of time to enjoy some “me time” before you head off to work. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your favorite breakfast and some extra time to relax before putting your body into work mode. Something happens when you get yourself ahead of the game; you feel invigorated, motivated, and ready to tackle the challenges of the day.
  3. Stay in the Moment – Our minds can only be in one place at one time. Unfortunately, our minds tend to linger with thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future. It rarely stays in the moment. Just typing that out exhausts the senses! Even now, your mind is not thinking of the present, if it were, you would be know where your feet are resting, or what your hands are doing, or where you butt is sitting. See? I had to mention those things for you to be aware of them. The same is true about your experience at work. Think of the present and you will be more aware of your surroundings, your activities, and the work at hand. When it comes time to clock out, you will be less mentally drained.
  4. Reward Yourself at Lunchtime – When I worked at the county jail as a Detention Officer, I put in some very long and tedious hours. One of the things I looked very much forward to was my lunchtime. I always packed a treat for myself to enjoy at the end of my meal. This tiny morsel was a Mexican candy delight stored in a tiny cup full of sugary icing. Not only did it revive my spirit, it got me through the rest of my day. Reward yourself. You deserve it!
  5. Take it a Day at a Time – In an online article, Blogger and Licensed Phlebotomist Louise Carter writes, “Whether you want a better position or a different job, something will eventually come up. Or, you’ll pay your dues’ with these long shifts to get promoted” With every day you work, you gain one more day of knowledge, one more day of pay, and one more day of vital experience. You are turning yourself into an expert in your field. Embrace the process and get as much from the experience as possible. When the right time and the right opportunity comes, you’ll be ready and thankful that you were dedicated, diligent, and prepared to move forward.



-Omar Tarango is a Freelance Blogger and Social Media Manager-

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