5 Advantages for Working for a Staffing Agency


The 5 Advantages for Working for a Staffing Agency


  1. Work Today, Get Paid Tomorrow – You Don’t Have to Wait for a Weekly of Bi-Weekly Paycheck. This allows workers to not only benefit almost immediately from their work, but it also allows others to supplement their income. Many staffing agency employees have other full-time jobs and choose to work with staffing agencies on their day(s) off to generate additional income. In trying times like these, it is great to know that this resource is readily available.
  2. An Environment of Second Chances – In a 2015 online article written by Matthew Friedman of the Brennan Center for Justice,( https://www.brennancenter.org/our-work/analysis-opinion/just-facts-many-americans-have-criminal-records-college-diplomas ), the article entitled, “As many Americans Have Criminal Records as College Diplomas”, the author points out that that despite the fact the most people have never been convicted of a serious crime, a high percentage of Americans have a criminal record of some sort. This fact has prevented many people from obtaining gainful employment. While staffing agencies do their due diligence in hiring people that may have made mistakes in the past, often times, people with a criminal background are given an opportunity to work, learn a skill, improve on existing skills, and work towards permanent employment for the companies they have been contracted to work for through the agency.
  3. The Application Process is Seamless – Most staffing agencies have made it incredibly easy to apply for positions. In the case of RedCap Staffing in El Paso, Texas, Kiosks were introduced to their location, doing away with the old-fashioned paper applications. The company has even made it easier to apply online at https://jobs.redcapstaffing.com/ in locations like in Texas; Waco, Midland/Odessa, Amarillo, and Lubbock, Las Cruces and Albuquerque, NM, and Portland & Lewiston, ME. Once an application is completed, a potential hire is called to visit the branch and bring 2 forms of identification. A new hire can be up and working almost immediately.
  4. Temporary Work Can Lead to Permanent Work – Companies who use staffing agencies to help in the completion of work projects often do so because they are not looking to hire new personnel to the company only to have to let them go when the project is over. So how does temporary work potentially turn in to permanent work? Like many companies, these companies are not immune to high turn-over. Having said that, a company who has workers resign will typically, in turn, hire their temporary workers and bring them on full-time as employees of the company. What is beneficial about that? For starters, the pay may be significantly higher. Secondly, the employee will now be eligible for company benefits. And finally, opportunities for advancement are always inherent in the new position. Getting a foot in the door is always key and afforded when working for a staffing agency.
  5. There is Always Plenty of Work – The bottom line is simple; if you want to work, when staffing agencies exist, there is no excuse not to work. Staffing agencies offer a variety of positions and often allow an employee to diversify their skills across several assignments. So, while one project nears completion, another project looms on the horizon. RedCap Staffing offers positions in a variety of environments. Which one is a perfect fit for you? Take a look! https://jobs.redcapstaffing.com/


By: Omar Tarango is a Freelance Author, Blog Contributor with RedCap Staffing, and Social Media Manager